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DABS CEO Meets Daikundi Governor


July 29, 2019
Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, met in his office with Sayed Anwar Rahmati, Governor of Daikundi Province.
During the meeting, Daikundi Governor discussed on various issues related to electricity services, the development of Sokhtak Dam, distribution network and its transmission to the city of Nili, as well as the 5.5 MW Solar Power Network with Chief Executive Officer of DABS.
Mr. Ghalib warmly welcomed him then said that, the construction and testing phase of the penstock section of Sokhtak Dam has completed and the remaining work is under process and according to the plan, the power dam will be put into operation by the end of this solar year (1398).
he also referred to the electricity distribution network and its transmission to the city of Nili, adding that the work of it, is under process and the equipment is being transferred to the site, upon completion of the grid which has the capacity of 4 MW, around 1000 customers will benefit from electricity.
Mr. Ghalib added that the work of survey and design of 5.5 MW Solar Power Network, has completed in Daikundi center, Ashtarlai district, Miramur district (Joz Barger, Chaharsad khana and Barkar) and Shahristan district (Moor area and Chaprastaks Market) and work on the next steps is under process.
At the end, governor of Daikundi appreciated from the continual cooperation of Mr. Ghalib and committed for comprehensive cooperation.
It is to be noted that in this meeting Mr. Qurban Ali Musadiq chief of Daikundi Breshna also was present.