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Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to Further Strengthen the Power Energy Ties


DABS high ranking delegation met with Mr. Hudai Brediov Turkmenistan Deputy Minister of Energy and his team in Kabul dated August 28, 2019. 

In this meeting, both sides discussed on the development of electricity projects in Herat and for the right solution, accessible and quickly adaptable and the agreement on technical meetings was raised to a higher level.
Likewise, Representatives of Turkmenistan promised to install a high-capacity transformer base as temporarily in order to produce more electricity from Turkmenistan to Herat province, then representative of DABS describes the plan for the construction and connection of 220 KV electricity line from Turkmenistan to Herat and the development of Noor ul-Jahad existing substation.
Mr. Ghalib also has directed a technical meeting to increase the capacity and produce more electricity to the province.
On the sidelines of this meeting, they also discussed on transferring of electricity through Turkmenistan 500 KV line to Aqina, Andkhoy, Mazar-e-Sharif with (NEPS) system.