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Arjan Capital Tends to Invest in Energy Sector


Arjan Capital, as an investor, sees favorable investment opportunities in the energy sector of Afghanistan.

Therefore, in a meeting with Chief Executive Officer of DABS, Mr. Andreas Schweitzer Managing Director of Arjan Capital Ltd expressed his interest on investment in the energy sector.

During the meeting, Mr. Schweitzer discussed on investing in Breshna projects and also asked Breshna’s support.

Mr. Ghalib welcomed the presence of, Mr. Andreas Schweitzer, appreciated his interest in the energy sector of the country, emphasized on the principle of transparency and provided the investment process on DABS projects and especially the package of solar energy projects.

He also called effective the investment on solar roof top, solar water heaters and solar power generation projects. 

Following the Mr. Schweitzer's interest in the above projects, it was decided to provide all the details of  DABS plans, especially solar energy plans, in the next meeting in full detail.

And Mr. Schweitzer will also share his specific proposal with DABS that participate at investment programs in the energy sector of Afghanistan in partnerships with Brashna or other private companies.

This is in a time that, the energy sector of the country has drawn the attention of foreign investors in investment opportunities and in betterment of electrification section has been given endless attempts.