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Third Session of Afghan Energy Sector Coordination Quarterly


Afghan Energy Sector Coordination Quarterly Meeting was held at the US Embassy.The meeting attended by Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, DABS CEO, Almas Zakhelwal, Deputy Minister for Admin and Finance of the ministry of Energy and Water, Abdul Habib “Zadran” Deputy Minister-Administration  Senior Advisor to H.E. Minister of the ministry of Finance,  Ismail Rahimi, Deputy minister, technical affairs to the ministry of Economy, Ezatullah Sediqi Technical Acting Deputy Director National Environmental Protection Agency,  Christopher Ferry, USAID's Deputy Director of Infrastructure Programs and other delegates of DABS, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, World Bank, ADB, UNDP and KFW.The meeting focused on Available electricity status from domestic and imported sources, the role of the National Environmental Protection Agency in the energy sector, Existing Energy Projects under work at the Ministry of Energy and Water, Introducing the Online Energy project Management System for Breshna, Planning energy projects for the coming years how the Afghanistan Energy Information Center works.

At the end, participants emphasized on the more coordination of the relevant agencies in the energy sector of country