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DABS CEO Emphasized on Acceleration of Logar, Paktia and Khost Power Distribution Networks

DABS joint meeting with representatives of contracting companies to accelerate the work of the electricity distribution network projects of Logar, Khost and Paktia provinces was held today at the headquarters of DABS. Representatives of contracting companies identified security problems as a major challenge in moving the provincial distribution networks to work and called for contract extension. Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, emphasized on the acceleration of the work of these projects and instructed the necessary guidance to representatives of contracting companies. DABS CEO called on representatives of contracting companies to accelerate the implementation of electricity projects in areas where security is required and to address the challenges of the above projects coordinate with DABS authorities and concerned provinces. Mr. Ghalib also emphasized that the work of the above projects should be completed by its specified time. Based on the evaluation of DABS supervisory teams, the overall construction work of the distribution networks is advanced 70%. Completion of these projects will benefit 13000 customers in the center of Logar (Pul Alam) 18000 in the center of Paktia (Gardez) and 13000 in Khost provinces.