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Public Discourse in Kapisa

Following the previous four discourses in provinces, Kabul, Balkh, Herat and Parwan this time held the fifth public discourse in Kapisa province. In this public discourse, Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, Mohammad Ilyas Samadi, Acting Head of Admin and Finance Department of DABS, Abdul Latif Murad Governor of Kapisa, Mohammad Mahfouz, Deputy Head of Kapisa Provincial Council, Representatives of this province in the House of Representatives, religious scholars, Provincial Council members, Representatives of civil society and hundreds of residents of districts of this province were participated. At the outset of this public discourse, Abdul Latif Murad the Governor of Kapisa, appreciating from the lunching of such discourse and the presence of DABS leadership, said: "the projects which were undertaken two years ago have been completed and put into operation. Then Eng. Nasser Ahmadi, Head of Parwan Breshna, described about the underway projects in various districts of Kapisa and said the projects would be speeded up. Mohammad Mahfouz, deputy head of Kapisa Provincial Council, pledged that the council would be a prominent partner on balanced development in the electricity sector. Mohammad Ilyas Samadi, Acting Head of Admin and Finance Department of DABS, Describing Kapisa's financial plans, he said: "Based on DABS Development Plans, we have increased the province's budget from 9 million Afghanis to 51 million and upgraded the Kapisa Branch to Kapisa Directorate. At the end, Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, DABS CEO, spoke on the following issues: -Residents should create a local electricity council to make their own decisions and prioritize electricity projects. -Power projects needs time- and must be implemented in accordance with technical plans. -DABS has extensive development plans for Kapisa. Casa-1000 project crosses through Kapisa province which it has social and economic importance for our people. -We have promoted the Kapisa electricity section to Kapisa Directorate. Currently, more than 14000 customers have access to electricity in the province and this number will increase to more than 17000 by the end of this solar year (1398). -Kapisa is powered by two routes so we call this province a power supply center. -Only one month later, the installation of the power stations on the public roads will officially begin -Next week, about 100 tower power will be transferred to Kapisa. - The Contract for 32 transformer base is under construction at the National Procurement and with the purchase of these transformers, practically the installation will being. - For the ladies who are interested in working in the electricity sector, there are 15 new positions in Kapisa Breshna and up to the finalization of Kapisa directorate, they can begin their trainee. - DABS has been earmarked for the development budget of Kapisa province at a cost of 42 million Afghanis. More recently, people's questions have been answered by Eng. Amanullah Ghalib Chief Executive Officer of DABS.