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DABS Plan to self-power sufficiency

DAB has been able to complete and put into operation the Kandahar 10 MW solar power plant project with the assistance of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the private sector. Kandahar's 10 MW Solar Power Project was launched on Oct 16, it was the first solar power project that DABS took undertaken, after that DABS could implement two other solar power projects in Kandahar and it opened the way for private sector in investment. Kandahar's 10 MW Solar Power Plant annually generates 19.5 MWH, which provides electricity to 75000 citizens in Kandahar province as well as to Shorandam Industrial Park, it is an effective step for private sector growth in the investment sector. The project is funded by USAID with approximately $ 10 million. DABS board of directors appreciates USAID's financial assistance in financing DABS power projects. Meanwhile, DABS recently, utilized 2 others solar power plant which each of it has the capacity of 15 MW in Kandahar province.