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DABS Acting Chief Operational Emphasizes on Acceleration and Focus on Implementing the Forecasted Power Plans in Kabul


In order to observe the balance in the implementation of Kabul power shortage, maintenance and development of electricity networks, Eng. Mohammad Nasser Ahmadi, Acting Head of Operations Department of DABS with the presence of Abdul Ahad Barakzai, chief of Kabul Breshna, Ghulam Haidar Siddiqi, Head of National Load Control Center, met with Head of Junctions.

During the meeting, Acting Chief Operational Officer of DABS, while appreciating the effective measures which has been taken in electricity services, emphasized on accelerating and focusing on the implementation of the planned electricity programs.

Mr. Ahmadi emphasized on equitable distribution of electricity, Maintaining of electrical installations is a fundamental principle and said "We must strive to improve the quality of service delivery by planning and identifying people's needs."

As for the distribution of electricity at peak times, he called on all the head of Junctions and the head of Head of National Load Control Center, to do their best to respect citizenship rights and to strengthen the cooperation between the Head of Junctions and the Head of National Load Control Center. 

Head of National Load Control Center highlights the role of power shortage in energy efficiency and says power shortage will get better in the future.

Referring to the distribution of electricity during peak hours, Mr. Sediqi said there was no connivance of equitable in distribution of energy during peak times and would be based on a regular schedule. He also noted that there is also comprehensive cooperation between our team and head of Junctions.