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Construction of 20 MW solar power plant in Bamyan


Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat has plans to build a 20 MW solar power plant, along with 10 MW battery and 3 MW diesel generator in Bamyan province, in cooperation with the China government.  

For this purpose, Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, met in his office with representatives of China, in the presence of DABS renewable energy technical team.

It is to be note that, the experts and technical staff of China and DABS have already undertaken the survey and feasible study of the project in Bamyan Province.

It was decided at the meeting that, the implementation phase of the project would begin after evaluation of the survey and feasible study report by DABS and China Technical Team.

The project has the capacity of 20 MW, which is funded by the government of China and will benefit about 20000 customers in Bamyan Province.

Implementation of this important electricity project will have effective impact on boosting the economy, developing agriculture, expanding industrial activities and providing customer comfort in Bamyan province.