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Ukrainian Investors Tends to Invest in the Energy Sector


Ukrainian investor met with Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, to invest in Afghan energy sector. 

At the meeting, Ukrainian investor expressed their interest in investing in facilities of Junctions, equipment such as line and cleaning of Dams in particular, the sediment of Naghlu hydro power dam.

Mr. Ghalib welcomed the presence of investors, appreciated their interest in the country's energy sector, he emphasized on the principle of transparency and provided comprehensive information on the process of investing in electricity.

Regarding the country water dams, he also said that the construction of dams is the responsibility of the Ministry of Energy and Water and DBAS is responsible for the maintenance, and use of it.

At the end, it was decided that at the next meeting, the Ukrainian investor should share their specific proposal with DABAS, until the company operates in accordance with the electricity law.