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Ten Governmental Hospital will Connect to Solar Power Energy soon


Energy self-sufficiency has been one of the major plans of the Afghan government, fortunately, the company has taken the necessary steps in the field of energy self-sufficiency.

Solar power systems on the rooftop is one of the examples which customers can generate energy themselves and sell their surplus energy to the National Electricity Network.

Fortunately, this time the friendly country of Holland are working with the Afghan government to provide electricity to the central and provincial hospitals through solar systems on the rooftop of government hospitals and water purifiers

It’s to be mentioned that a meeting previously held between representatives of the Netherlands, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Public Health, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat and the Retek Europe Company in the Netherlands, the parties agreed on the implementation of the project and DABS is partnering with the Netherlands on its implementation

According to the agreement between the Government of Afghanistan and the Government of Netherlands, 50% of the project cost will be paid by the Government of the Netherlands and 50% will be paid by the Government of Afghanistan, which currently 10 governmental hospitals is in the list.

It is to be noted that, the feasibility study and technical survey of the project has been selected in the area and will be carried out in the near future by a joint team from DABS and the Netherlands, and the practical work of the project will start in year 2020 and will be implemented through DABS.

Implementation of such programs will have a positive impact on the environment, energy self-sufficiency, economic growth and promoting a clean energy use culture, and will also have a good experience of implementing such programs elsewhere in the country.