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Mutual cooperation meeting between DABS and ADB


Eng. Amanullah Ghalib Chief Executive Officer of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat had meeting with General director Mr. Samuel Tumiwa and delegation team of Asian Development Bank.

Director of ADB congratulate Mr. Ghalib for his new position as CEO of DABS, beside he introduce the new Afghanistan mission director and delegation team of ADB.

They have talk on recent power generation activities and issues within in Afghanistan and circumstances of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan transmission line, CAASA, TAP, and 500KW line projects.

Mr.Ghalib appreciate ADB as donor in renewable energy and solar system, said today power infrastructure is very important for us, to provide power for the people.

DABS vision is to be independent, self-sufficient power producer, but for that strategic vision, we require investors and donors support.

We analyze the current challenges on billing, customer services, power issues, meter reading issues, how to deal, he had these suggestion and remarks:

  1. Enhancement of renewable energy, will make Afghanistan self-sufficient.
  2. Strong Coordination of MEW, MOF, DABS, ADB and other parties.
  3. Support and encourage more power investors in Afghanistan.
  4. No objection certificate of bank, will enhance the process of projects.
  5. Efficient energy support system by ADB.
  6. Renewable energy on prepaid and smart meter.
  7. Introduce of LED.
  8. Enhance the power system in rural area and provinces that there is no power grid.

By all above suggestion, ADB director was very delighted and said we are ready to support in every issues, all your remarks are welcome, the meeting ended by exchanging some gift by both sides.