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A trilateral meeting was held between DABS, Turkmenistan, and Çalik Holding

DABS leadership carried out three days of comprehensive discussions with Turkmenistan and Çalik Holding delegations on numerous issues and status of the work of TAP and 500 kV projects, and some decisions were made on a series of issues at the end. As per the parties' decision, the Turkmen side will share a technical and financial assessment proposal with DABS within a few days, and after evaluation and consulting with authorities DABS will notify their final decision. During the three days meeting DABS has carried out an extensive discussion on Andkhoy-Sheberghan-Pole-Khumri 500 kV Line, TAP Project, and Noor-ul-Jehad substation with Turkmenistan, and Çalik Holding. Further, DABS side briefed on the progress of equipment transmission of Noor-ul-Jehad substation. The above-mentioned project will commence within a week and upon its completion, 100 MW of electricity will be imported to the country. At the end of this meeting, a joint protocol has signed between DABS, Turkmen Energo, and Çalik Holding, and all parties agreed to organize a 4-party meeting and assured to continue their cooperation on important economic projects.