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25000 subscribers are benefited in North Provinces


By completing of 20/04 KV power distributive network project, 25000 subscribers will join to new power of Breshna in Kunduz and Baghlan provinces.

The mentioned project cost 51.3 USD million dollar. Heretofore 87% its work completed and remaining would finish up to end of this continues year then will put into operation.

In this project 195 transformers and 9300 power stand of Breshna are included and now in both provinces 8320 stands are installed and the remaining equipment (Meters, stands, boxes and the extension of power line) are continues.

The mentioned project started work in October 2014 it should complete during 2 years but unfortunately because of security problems it lags behind, and the plan is to get complete in December of the year.

By inaugural of 20/04 KV distributive network power project, 25000 subscribers will have benefited from Breshna power in Kunduz and Baghlan provinces.