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Greshak Dam production enhance to 4.8 MW


Greshak dam Productive power, which installed with the capacity of 1.5MW energy, that by installation of new Turbine and fixing old turbines, each will have power production up to 1.8MW .

The named dam, getting complete by an Indian contracted company and its 75% work completed and the remaining work which is put to complete going up with the total capacity of 4.8MW and the Helmand residences benefited from 24-hour power.

The mentioned project cost 38 million USD dollar, it funded by development Asia bank.

After Kajaki power dam, it’s the second power production dam in Helmand province, that in year 1356 made by aid of United State of America, capacity of 3MW, due to depreciation of this dam the capacity decrease to 1.5 MW power, so the mention project completion the power would increase to 4.8MW.