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1000 subscribers get connected to new power energy in Baghlan province


As per the electrification services of DABS, inaugurated 2 transformer in Dushi district of Baghlan province which each transformers has the capacity of 400 KW, totally it became 800KW, almost 1000 subscriber connected to power energy for the first time in Dushi district of Baghlan.

The mentioned distribution network got budget more than 15 million USD dollar that it funded by the financial budge of DABS.

In opening ceremony of this party, Eng. Faridudin Wafi chief of Baghlan Breshna, Al Haj Abdul Hai Nemati the governor of Baghlan, Asadullah Shahbaz provincial council chief of this province and a number of  Baghlan Breshna staff  were participated.

During this party Eng. Wafi said: use the energy power as it legal way, give your payment on it specific time and be competitor with Baghlan Breshna presidency.

In previous month, 7 transformer stands installed with different capacities , totally it is 1540 KW that 2000 subscriber connected to new power energy in Khinjan district of Baghlan province.

DABS is determined to provide equal electrification services to people.