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Some analog meters of Parwan due to network modification will be change to digital meters


Parwan is an ancient province it takes 370 KW power energy from Jabul Saraj production power dam which is the first water power dam around the area that have 102 years

This dam have 4 Turbines, one of them is working and others are deactivate due to rusty and keep as antique traces.

Char e Kar dam also have power production, that it produce 1.7MW, due to lack of water it decrease 500KW power production and the another production power is in Ghorband distract of Parwan province with the capacity of 115MW that it benefited a part of this district.

Beside this power production, it benefited 8MW power from imported power which totally it became 9MW energy power that more than 23700 subscriber benefited from Breshna power in parwan.


Breshna active team, would change the 250 meters which is 3 phase and 183 meter from analog to digital and connected to new power network and this process has continues to capital of parwan (charikar) and JabulSaraj distract. 

This action has been done for decreasing of wastage that it can increase to number of subscribers from received energy.

After completing of network correction, commercial and governmental meters which is 3 phase and liberation analog meters will change to digital meters as soon as possible.

To be reminded, analogs meters have more benefits such as: accuracy, safety, reliable and power wastage than analog meters.