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10 MW Solar Power Project Inaugurated in Kandahar


DABS inaugurated 10MW solar power project in industrial park of Kandahar due to insufficient power, had contract with Dynasty international Indian investor company.

The mentioned project cost 20 million USD dollar; 10 million USD dollar of it funded by USAID and the remaining will fund by Dynasty Company.

It remarkable that, mention project has been signed between DABS and USAID, so by this contract, they both organization had agreement.

The named project in near 12 months (26/Aug/2018) will put into operation and its contract had been sign between DABS and Dynasty Company and DABS bought one KW hour 7.3 cent dollar for 15 years. 

After 15 years this device will handover to DABS, by this device the problems of industrial park of Kandahar will solve and from unproductive factories, the power will allocate and distribute to power network of Kandahar.

It’s remarkable, this device don’t have any reserved source, it’s operating only at morning shift, at night shift it is off.

Meanwhile DABS gave 160 Acre land, from capital of city till Kandahar industrial parks, the stands and lines has been connected.