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Developing of Bamyan power network


Bamyan Breshna have power plant with the capacity of 1.03 and 500KW Diesel power that totally it’s more than 1.5MW power energy and from 2012 onward it has electrification services.

Power plant of Bamyan build in four station beside it gives power to center of Bamyan it also benefited such a districts like:  Bamyan bazzar, shahr e jadid, Sar Asiyab, Sayed Abaad, Mula Ghulam, Reghsad ha, panj shura and zargaran.

This station was the first solar power plant with the biggest capacity in Afghanistan that it build in 2012 by New Zealand in Bamyan.

Bamyan Breshna could provide power energy to 4008 commercial, residential and governmental subscribers.

Meanwhile, the important parts of providing of power which connected to central provinces is 220KW power line of Dushi Bamyan which has the transfer capacity of 300MWA power and will put into operation in midterm.

These steps include, power line of double circuit 220KW Bamyan Dushi, build of substation, networking power for 20000 subscribers in first phase and survey work,

Design that in near future its contracts will done between different contractor companies.   

The mentioned substation land, total 64 acres was property of lands registry organization, its transfer to DABS is under process.