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CASA 1000 One day coordination meeting Hosted by Afghanistan in Dubai


Afghanistan hosted four members of CASA 1000 project, in Dubai – UAE, in presence of ministers, high officials of energy sector, four member countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qerghistan and Tajikistan and some representatives of World Bank, CASA 1000 secretariat and other involved Institutions of this project were held up.  

This meeting was held on 1st October 2017 for one day.

The meeting hosted and organized by Afghanistan, focused on project progress, each country present their activities and course of actions to the head group of CASA project.

In addition, in this meeting discussed on the Casa Project procurement, schedules, future plans, confirmation of construction of transition Line in Afghanistan from DABS side, review of strategic and next project of CASA 1000, Review the important contracts which has been done, procurement process and next steps of 300MW line of Sangtoda to Pul-e-Khumri.

In this meeting, As representative of Afghanistan,  Eng. Ali Ahmad Osmani, minister of energy and water, Dr. Mustafa Mastoor acting minister of economy, Eng. Amanullah Ghalib chief executive officer of DABS and other senior officials and experts of energy were participated.

The project of transmission power line of middle Asia through Afghanistan to south Asia known as CASA 1000 project, which is an important local project, creating convergence, cooperation and stability between member states, Afghanistan play a effective strategic role in this project.

The meeting of the CASA 1000 project, ended with signing final agreement, as witness wishing for a better implementation and prosperity of this project in Afghanistan.