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2000 Salang subscribers get connect to renewable energy


The construction work of 220KWA in southern Salang and distribution network of 20KW near Salang entrance Tunnel in Guwara district is in progress.

This project is consist of: Illumination, ventilation, reconstruction of power system inside the Salang tunnel, Build of health centers power, hotels, galleries, and by crossing of 2 power line which is 2MK, more than 2000 subscribers benefited from new power in southern Salang.

This project cost more than 2 million USD dollar, funded by the help of USAID that the construction work of this project is going ahead by Omran- Oslol Contractor Company under supervision of Tetra Tech Company.

The mentioned project has been started in 18th April 2017 that 11% work of it has been completed and planned to be complete in 18th October 2019 then put into operation. 

By completing of mentioned substation, would be witness of electrification for more than 2000 subscriber in Salang district of Parwan province.