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Power line of the Baghlan defaulters has been disconnected


In Baghlan province the power line of 2400 subscribers which didn’t pay their fees in 6 period of this year has been disconnected by a team of 120 people in 10 working groups in presence of media.

In this gathering these areas are consist: Shamarq, Sar Silo, Aslam qala, Aslam Qala, Karta now, around of Baghlan Breshna, Hussain Khel, Qashlaq and central area of Baghlan.

As a result, Baghlan Breshna could take 15 million Afghani from defaulters as cash.

Baghlan Breshna in order to raise the level of income, education and lowering energy wastage, in each 6 months a week has been devoted for a general work gathering.

This residency gave warn to those people whom are indebted that to pay their fees as soon as possible to avoided from disconnecting of their powers.