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Transmission of power from north to south of the country


The construction work of 500KW transmission line of Aqinya to Shebrghan and the project of 220KW Sheberghan up to Mazar has progress.

These projects cost more than 58 million USD dollar that funded by financial budge of Development Asia bank.

The contract of mentioned project has been singed between DABS and Gommon india company in 2016 year,that 35% of its work has been gone ahead and its planned that the remaining work of it would done on 1st quarter of the year then will put into operation.

Its remark able that, the 500KW power line has the capacity of transferring 1000 thousand MW power energy, it croosed from Jawozjan, Faryab and Balkh route that covered these provinces: Baghlan, Bamyan, Prwan, Kapisa, Maidan wardak, Ghazni,Zabul,Kandahar,Logar,Paktia, and Khust.

DABS is committed on adjustment of equal projects to any province and always has attempt to provide satisfactory and reliable power for their subscribers.