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Both Dynamic Vision and DABS parallel will work for public relation and media affairs


Dynamic vision as capable company, aim to work for brining better impermanent, and liable for their commitment, that no country is perfect, unless they do work and make it perfect, as we are looking forward.

We have the commitment to work in public relation, media and rest media issues and give service for our people and home land.

In this field Mojtaba, the representative of this company said: Dynamic vision as a powerful company has prophecy to provide a platform for better public relations So far as it can. This is the obligation of Dynamic vision: today trusted we signed the agreement of free support with DABS to help with better public relations management for the aim of responsiveness and better and on time information dissemination, to be given our prophecy in front of Homeland and people.

In this obligation Eng.Amanullah ghalib, the chief executive officer of DABS also has present, he appreciated of such an action and demanded from all people to be competitor with this company in every field to make the service better.

Meanwhile, DABS signed the contract with Dynamic vision in suppose of capacity building of their staff in parts of: News production, Providing of video and radio spots, Preparing of meetings and conferences, providing of documentary films of Breshna, design and Print of quarterly magazine and electronic of Breshna. 

This mutual commitment letter has been made in such a way that Breshna Company, in return for the services of Dynamic Vision Company, publishes the company's announcements through its magazines and news bulletins

DABS committed to service as standard to subscribers without any shortcomings.