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Customer Service Centers provide better facilities


As it is known from its name, customer service management is to provide services, facilities, and problem solving and customer satisfaction within the Breshana provincial framework.

Among them, the management of Kabul's customer’s services started in 2009 and in order to facilitate its customers, 9 separate zones were created in different parts of the city

The management is in the context of new power distribution, network modifications, correction of complications of meters, customer account adjustment, from residential to commercial and vice versa, adjusting the name of customer who sold their homes, Correcting the mistakes in typing, Changing of the position, distributing of bills and performances the customers billing.

Since the beginning of the current year customer service management of Breshna have distributed 22680 new meters, reparation of 14,667 meters and 313 meters more changed, and during the six months of the year, they have also done the following performance:

The distribution of new meters in newly opened towers

The distribution of new miters in towers, which previously has been contains of network and distributed in various forms.

Replacing of analog-to-digital miters (network modification) practically has continues in all customer service centers.

This management and the following new meters distribution will be implemented during the next six months of the year

Electric tower of Qlae Khuwaja located in Shakardara.

lectric tower of Aqa Ali khuwaja bala located in Shakardara.

Electric tower of Sayed khel (Shakardara district) .

Electric tower of Fatha khel of Shakardara

Electric tower of Qala bala Shakardara

6 tower of Kochi abaad of Ahmad shah baba meena

2 Electric tower of located in Shahrak Ahmad shah baba meena

2 Electric tower located in Mula jawed Ahmad shah baba meena

3 Electric tower located Safi kot of Pul_e_charkhi

1 Electric tower in Qazi abaad of Pul_e_charkhi

5 Electric tower which related to Sanator janat gul of Pul_e_charkhi

5 Electric tower located in Qala muhsin gumruk of Kabul

It should be noted that the distribution of new meters and the improvement of the network is dependent on the general management of the network it’s expected that until the end of the year, some 8,000 new meters will distribute and10, 000 Miters would change from analog to digital.

DABS has created a number of communications 144, 0744000144 and complaints filed for 24 hours in the service of dear compatriots to ease and resolve their customers' problems. In case of customer complaint, you will be given the earliest opportunity to address in the context of their problem.