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Effort and activity


8th Junction in the fifth area of Khoshhalkhan Meena district of Kabul In the framework of the Kabul Breshna presidency, they provide power services to their subscribers.

This management has 81 employees in the department of Junction management, Junction deputy, Head of groups … Employees are considerate in miters and tower staff in 2 time of working is under service of citizens.

Totally there are 183 tower which is related to this juncture, among which:

101 tower of city’s residents: - Including the mentioned tower 5 number of that in 2011, 9 of that in 1391, 10 of that in 2013 and 5 of that in 1393, 14 of that in 1394, 3 of that in 1395 and 6 of that in the current year put it into operation.

39 tower government institute: Talem o tarbiya, pol e takhnek, Afghan korya training center, police academy, 200 bestar police hospital, and National defense education center.

43 Private business tower: Aryana Kabul, Telecommunication sites, Business markets is nourishing of this junction. The entrance lines of this junction (NW20, NW17, NW24) By relying on stand, In this junction, which is the iron-concrete type, is with a height of 15 meters, it connects to the lines that leads to gingival cells and enters to junction that has a system ( a line is in a system(

KV15 lines named by the names of NW6, NW13, NW17, NW20, NW21, NW23, CH11, NW24 and CH12.