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Contracts of Naghlo dam and transmission line of Sheberghan-Andkhoy were approved


The 12st annual meeting of the national procurement commission under the chairmanship of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, president of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan, attended by members of the commission and officials of ministries and procurement departments, national and international observers, was held on October 29th this year in Arg.

At this meeting, five new projects by the worth of 3.3 billion Afghanis have been contracted

Design and construction contract for the Naghlo dam in Paktia province

Transmission contract for 220 kV transmission line of Sheberghan-Andkhoe

The contract of Marshal Mohammed Qassim Fahim University's wall, which has related to the ministry of defense. 

Contract for the provision of medical medicines which required by the national defense ministry.

And the contract for procurement of fuel which is required by Arianna Afghan Air Company

His Excellency, the president of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan and members of the national procurement commission, emphasized during the discussion and approval of the projects of Machlgho and Sheberghan-Andkhoy projects in order to give the ministries of energy and water and the DABS company in their management and implementation, they pay close attention.

On the other hand, the national procurement commission does not envisage the proposed contracts for the upgrading of the new Mojave Station to the extent that the legal and logistical process has not been followed up and the work has begun before the award of the contract, did not meant but refinancing account with the companies, conditioned to confirm of the Cystica strong support, confirmed.

The national procurement commission also decided to this and other similar issues examined by Cystica and they are offended from the procurement law, the ministry of internal affairs should refer the matter to the office of attorney for review.

Constantly observing the principle of supervision at commission meetings, along with the President and members of the national procurement commission, national and international observers, including the financial and budget committees of the national council, the Wolesi Jirga national economic commission, Sigar, Cystyca Strong Support, battle against corruption network and Afghanistan transparency watch.