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Serious action to collect revenue


According to DABS leadership, once again the company in Balkh province, the city of Mazar-e-Sharif, area of Ahmad Shah Masood square, the power line of 800 indebted subscribers, or those who did not pay their power bills fees for more than two periods in the presence of the national and local media of Balkh province was disconnected by the technical team of Balkh Breshna.

As a result of this action, Balkh Breshna was able to receive 19 million AFNs in cash from their subscribers.

This is despite, that the last month the technical team of Balkh Breshna was able to cut off the power line of 8630 indebted, which resulted to acquisition of 66 million Afghanis.

It should be noted that the process of disconnecting of indebt subscribers has continues throughout in Afghanistan, and those subscribers who are in debt from DABS should pay off their power bills as soon as possible to prevent their power cut.