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Supply of electricity in the village of Deh Yahya Kabul


With the opening of 12 transformer in Deh Sabz district of Kabul, village of Deh Yahya, near to four hundred subscribers benefited of power energy.

Each power tower has a transformer base, including the capacity of 2 transformer of 630 KVA transformers, 3 transformers of 250 KVA and 7 transformers with capacity of 400 KVA.

These transformers cost 34.6 million Afghanis, which has been funded by DABS.

The ceremony was attended by, Eng. Mohabrurahman Muhmmand, Head of Kabul Breshna, national council members, Kabul Breshna technical team, old men of the deh Yahya village and the media.

At the first, Eng Muhmmand said: "Breshna is obliged to expand power and our technical team always strives to supply power fairly and equally to dear fellow citizens.”

Meanwhile, Allah Gul Mujahid, a member of the parliament, commended the efforts of the technical team of DABS, and called on the people to pay their power bills on time, that they would benefit all our citizens from power energy.

DABS is committed providing power services to our dear citizens.