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Collecting of revenue in the capital


As a result of this three days campaign in various parts of Kabul city, the power line of 25000 indebted subscribers has been cut off.

This campaign was launched under the guidance of the general chief executive officer of DABS, Muhibul Rahman Muhmmand, chairman of Kabul Breshna, operational and commercial deputies of Kabul Breshna, was joined with their team.

In this campaign, the power of those people who did not pay their power bills for more than three periods or illegally used power, has been cut.

As a result of this, Kabul Breshna was able to source 150 million AFNs in cash and installments from their subscribers.

Meanwhile, 100 straight miters also Prong power lines and other people who used power as illegally, their power lines would be cut off and will be introduced to the justice and judicial organizations.

And also, within one week, the Kabul Bushna team was able to replace the 700 meters from analogs to digitals.

This disconnection line has a variety of categories, including residential, commercial and industrial areas

It should be noted that, the process of disconnection the line of lasting subscribers has continues throughout Afghanistan, and those number of subscribers who are in debt from DABS will pay off their power bills as soon as possible to prevent their power cut.