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The inauguration of Maidan Wardak_Ghazni power line


The project for the extension of 220 KV transmission line from the Arghandi route, Wardak_Ghazni and the construction of two substations bases in the area of Sayedabad and Ghazni city by the Excellency, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, was opened.

The ceremony was attended by the present of, minister’s cabinet, the DABS leadership delegation, representatives of the national and provincial councils, provincial governors and security commanders of Ghazni and Maidan Wardak Provinces, district elders, and a group of DABS staff.

The Design Survey and implementation of this project were signed by DABS with KEC Company in 2014 and monitored by the Tetra Tech Consultancy Company.

The first part of the project included the extension of 220 kV transmission line from Arghandi Kabul to Ghazni city, with a total cost of $ 59،237،439, which was funded by the USAID.

The second project involves the construction of two substations, the total sum of the contracts including all adjustments is $ 47,655,122, which the project has been funded by the USAID.

The Ghazni substation is with the total capacity of 30 megawatts of ampere, which has a three reinforcement transformer of 3x10MVA, and Sayedabad substation is with the total capacity of a 20MVA which has a two reinforcement transformer of 2x10MVA, that have been built in Ghazni and Wardak provinces.

With the inauguration of these projects, about 50,000 subscribers benefits from power energy in Arghandi, Maidan wardak and Ghazni.