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Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) is a strategic approach concerned with creating improved value through the development of appropriate relationships with the customers and customer segments. CRM is a system to capture information about your customers and how the business basically interacts with the customers to satisfy their needs.

Customer Relationship Department (CRD) divided into three sub-sections to process all the activities for improving customer service of DABS.

The main objectivities of CRD are:

  1.        Develop an effective channel strategy to meet the needs of DABS customers and reduce cost.
  2.        Ensure that customer complaints are recorded and handled in a fair and consistent way at the earliest possible time.
  3.        Achieve high customer satisfaction.
  4.        Improve  quality  of management  information  and  lessons  learnt  from  complaints  to  prevent  recurrence  and improve customer experience.
  5.        Minimize the time taken for Services assessments to be completed and improve quality of assessments.
  6.        Implement good staff management practices and ensure there are sufficiently trained staff to provide services to meet customer needs.
  7.        Increase the number of services available across all channels and improve ease of use.
  8.        Train Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) to reduce average handling time and increase quick resolution of customer’s requests.
  9.        Increase effectiveness   of administrative work to be completed. 
  10.        Implement latest technologies like token management, texting mobile massaging service and online complaint management for delivering valued information to customers at the quickest time possible.
  11.        Create awareness through mass media on periodic bills printing, on time payments, load shedding, planned maintenance etc.
  12.        Implement customer survey to collect and monitor customer satisfaction data and feedback and plan for improvements.
  13.        Manage customer contact with CRM across a range of communication channels in a way that exceeds customer expectations.
  14.        Improve access of services to all customers and deliver efficient service according to the objectives of DABS CRM Strategy. 

Electricity Sales Policy: Policy developed, finalized and notified by DABS to govern sale of electricity to its Customers. The policy lays down rules, regulations, terms and conditions for supply and sale of electricity.

Electricity Usage Agreement: The agreement signed between DABS and its Customers that defines terms and conditions for sale of electricity and related services.

Government Transformers:  Transformers installed for Government Customers, which are procured, installed and maintained by Government Customers.  These Transformers are DABS property after these are handed over to DABS. DABS is responsible for their operations and maintenance after the handing over of the transformers.

Large Power User Transformers: Transformers procured, installed and maintained by Large Power Users. These are privately owned with CT/PT metering system.

LPU Customer: Customers with high power consumption.

Medium Customer: Customers who are provided 3 phase power supply with ordinary 3 phase meters.

Small Customer: Customers who are provided single phase power supply with single phase meters. 

Non-Residential Places: Places which are used by government organizations, non-government organizations (both domestic and foreign), domestic and foreign companies, holy places, commercial places, and industrial units.

Non-Refundable Fee: The amount of money which is collected by DABS from Customers to provide electricity connection and related services for supplying electricity. It is calculated based on the load request (KVA) as per the requirement of the Customer and is collected one-time and is non-refundable.

Private or Independent Transformers: Transformers installed for dedicated customers, which are procured and installed by the Customers.  Customers are responsible for   operations and maintenance of these transformers. DABS’ O&M team is responsible for periodic inspection of these transformers to ensure their upkeep.

Residential Places: Places such as individual houses and apartments which are used only for residential purposes.

Residential Transformers: Transformers installed for group of residential and commercial customers, which are procured, installed and maintained by DABS.  These Transformers are DABS property and DABS is responsible for their operations and maintenance.

Service Fee/Charges: Amount of money which is collected by DABS from Customers against the services provided by DABS.