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Guidelines and General awareness


DABS consider electrical safety very seriously. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety in our work, and promoting awareness of electrical safety. The following are the guidelines in respect of safety:

General Awareness:

Be aware: Be aware of all overhead and underground power lines before you plan on doing any work near a power line.

Exercise caution: Look up and make sure to use extreme caution to not touch or approach power lines when performing activities that could be potentially dangerous, such as using a ladder, pruning or cutting trees, operating farm or other equipment, and carrying long tools or pipes, etc.

 Proceed with care: Always look out for fallen or sagging wires/conductors, especially after storms, and stay until clear all downed power lines.

Stay clear: Stay at least 10 meters away from a downed power line or any other damaged line or tower. The voltage is highest nearer to the downed line, and it decreases with distance from the place where it is downed. If you feel a tingling sensation, immediately put your feet together and shuffle away from the damaged facility.

Stay in or hop out: If you are in a vehicle that is touching a downed or damaged power line or tower, stay in your vehicle if you can, until you received some ones assistance. If it is unsafe, due to imminent danger such as a fire, jump out of your vehicle with your feet together and without touching the vehicle or any other equipment. Shuffle away from the damaged facility.

Safety checks:  DABS recommends that customers are arrange for regular safety checks of their existing or newly purchased home, especially where old wiring has deteriorated and become unsafe. It is recommended that periodic checks be carried out on safety switches (every six months) and circuit breakers (every two years). Special attention should be taken to all the following aspects of existing installations:

Indoor Safety Awareness:

Most electrical accidents happen indoors so consider the following safety precautions:

Outdoor Safety awareness:

Consider these electrical safety tips at outdoor:

Awareness during outages

Power outage occurs: Never go near or touch a fallen power line or any other damaged electrical facility.

Power is out at your home: If your neighbor’s power is on, check your breaker panel. Turn all breakers off for few minutes before turning them back on. If your neighbor’s power is also off, then Call 144 (your electricity call center) to report the outage.

Unplug electrical equipment: This will protect your electric devices from damage when the power is restored. Use surge protectors on sensitive electronic equipment.