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Multilateral Cooperative Meeting on Construction of Shorabak Dam 2017-08-12
Herat, Kandahar and Nangarhar investor representatives state their problems 2017-08-15
DABS CEO Meeting with Fluent Grid CEO 2017-08-13
Meeting Between DABS and WB 2017-08-09
Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat CEO was introduced 2017-08-06
Mutual cooperation meeting between DABS and ADB 2017-08-09
Russia wishes to join in CASA-1000 project, Tajikistan rejects 2017-06-17
Doshi-Bamayan 2017-06-19
ISO Registration 2017-04-22
Parwan Breshna New Director Was Introduced 2017-03-26
Employment of Key Directors at Breshna 2017-04-23
Electricity network construction with 20 MW capacity for Maidan Wardak residents 2017-03-11
Priority for Domestic Products 2017-03-28
Sorobi Substation Construction Project Contract Agreement 2017-02-22
Building of maintenance technical training center submitted to Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat 2017-02-21
Another Development Step towards Illuminating 2017-01-28
21 Villages of Badpakh, Laghman Will Be Illuminated 2017-01-14
Mutual Cooperation between DABS and Polytechnic University 2016-11-15
DABS installs five transformers in Pul-e-Khumri, Baghlan 2016-10-31
DABS participates in Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program Meeting 2016-10-23
DABS installed six new transformers in Charikar, Parwan 2016-10-31
Fichtner submitted the design of final substations for approval to DABS 2016-10-16
Latest about Doshi-Bamyan 2016-10-30
DABS reveals the names of major electricity bill defaulters in Kabul 2016-10-17
DABS constructs new substation at Salang 2016-10-03
Bamyan’s Electricity Distribution system design completed 2016-09-24
DABS and Fichtner finalized technical evaluation of Doshi-Bamyan transmission line 2016-09-10
Afghanistan Energy Business Opportunities Conference 2016 begins in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2016-09-18
DABS and Fichtner jointly evaluate the selected route of Doshi- Bamyan transmission line 2016-09-04
Construction begins at Bamyan’s substation 2016-08-30
The key members of four inclusive nations of CASA-1000 met in Paris 2016-08-27
DABS continues to upgrade energy infrastructure to provide more electricity to Afghanistan 2016-08-26
Preparation of bidding documents for Doshi- Bamyan project starts 2016-08-16
Design for Bamyan’s Electricity Distribution system begins 2016-08-15
DABS signs electricity Bill payment contract with Maiwand Bank 2016-08-14
Electricity Remains Consistent in Kandahar City and Lashkar Gah During Summer Upgrades to Kajaki 2016-08-10
DABS tries to reduce electricity tariff in Balkh province 2016-07-16
Kajaki Hydro Power Plant will be out of service for 45 to 60 days 2016-07-23
DABS announces the route for Doshi- Bamyan transmission Line 2016-07-12
More than twenty thousand Families who lives in Bamyan and Central Regions will be provided by 300MW Electricity 2016-07-10
DABS appoints Chiefs of Kabul, Nangarhar, Balkh and Baghlan provinces 2016-07-09
DABS signed Baghlan to Bamyan Electricity transmission line’s agreement 2016-06-19
Naghlu Dam’s power generating capacity raises to 100 MW 2016-06-12
DABS signs Pol-e Khomri 500 KV transmission line’s contract with KPTL-RGM JV- USD 119 Million 2016-06-07
We make all-out efforts to solve electricity problems in the country- Delawari, CEO of DABS 2016-05-26
Interview with Mirwais Alami, Chief Commercial Officer, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat - Speaker at Asian Utility Week 2016 2016-05-23
DABS raises electricity tariff by 25 percent 2016-05-01
Electricity transmission line from Turkmenistan to Herat will raise from 25MW to 50MW 2016-03-28
No corruption is acceptable in DABS – DABS’s Chief 2016-02-21
Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat raises electricity tariff from Now-Roz 2016-03-14
Uzbekistan imported electricity was connected with Kabul 2016-02-23
New electricity systems inaugurated in Junction 7 and 12 of Kabul 2016-03-09
20 KV Power Grid of Amir Sher Ali Khan Nawaee Industrial Park was handed over to DABS 2016-02-09
DABS signs contract with Inter RAO worth USD 6.6 Million 2015-12-27
Qudratullah Delawari has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat 2015-12-22
DABS CEO visits various power plants in Germany 2015-10-15
Inauguration ceremony of the 220/20 KV substation in the Southwest of Kabul (Arghandi): 2015-10-11
Power Purchase and Sales protocol of 300 MW Electricity 2015-05-28
Press Conference On DABS Revenue Collection Barriers 2015-05-12
DABS opens power supply substation in Nangarhar 2015-01-20
Online System For Bill 2015-11-11
Customer Services Department 2016-01-01
Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) is an independent and autonomous company established under The Corporations and Limited Liabilities Law of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IROA). DABS is a limited liability company with all its equity shares owned by the Government of Afghanistan (GoA). The company was incorporated on 4th May 2008 (15 Saur 1387) and replaces Da Afghanistan Breshna Moassassa (DABM) as the national power utility. DABS will operate and manage electric power generation, import, transmission, and distribution throughout Afghanistan on a commercial basis.
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